Catch have helped us define myCrew's brand positioning and messaging...and secured great nationwide coverage for the official launch of our app. We’re thrilled...and pleased to have worked with such an enthusiastic, ambitious and hard-working team.

Greg Drach, Co-Founder at myCrew

If the frozen food company Findus had used Provenance, we’d have known exactly where, or what, that lasagna meat had come from. Palm oil? Supermarket produce? Perhaps even refugees?

The Spectator

Rosemary Ferguson’s recipes are... delicious. Her popular 5 Day Plan concentrates her natural-but-nutritional ethos into the space of a working week.


room2 launch hometels: to give people a place to live, not just to stay

A charity that’s determined to put social entrepreneurship at the heart of their income generation strategy

TEDx Talks

The team at Catch have been fantastic. Super enthusiastic and knowledgeable and able to understand the subject matter really thoroughly, but also very strategic and tactical in their efforts which has helped us increase visibility very quickly in a competitive space.

Dr Jamie Wilson, founder, hometouch

Catch are absolutely invaluable to us. Not only do they run stellar media relations, and in-depth campaigns but they also offer much wider strategic counsel on all things communications.

Josh Lachkovic, Head of Growth, Thriva

There's a growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks that don't taste like pop. For a grown-up tasting, booze-free aperitif, try it with a squeeze of lime and polish your halo because rosemary is said to have anti-oxidant and memory-boosting properties.

The Times

What our clients say

Catch helped us with a complex, dynamic project with multiple stakeholders. They got very quickly to the heart of the activity, assisting us in delivering compelling, concise consumer messaging - exactly to the brief they'd been given. We're delighted with the results.

Steve Wright, InMotion

Sam and Nicole are great, pro-active PR gurus who can help you position your business and message to reach all your key audiences. They have helped Provenance resonate with thousands of brands and tech lovers alike.

Jessi Baker, Founder and CEO


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